Team Resolute
(チームレゾリュートTeam Dankotaru)
Pikachu OshawottMD
Name: Team Resolute
Japanese Name: チームレゾリュートTeam Dankotaru
Hometown: Adventure Square
Region: Pokemon World
Class: Normal Rank
First Appearance:

The Awakening

Team Resolute is the main team in the manga serial Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Resolute and the Adventurers of Truth and Ideals. The team was founded by Oshawott and Pikachu.


Though there are more members, these are the prodiminant ones:

Pokémon Information
Oshawott was originally a human that was transformed into a pokemon. He teamed up with Pikachu to form Team Resolute, in the hopes that he will eventually find the answers he seeks.
Pokémon Information
Pikachu is a native pokemon to the region that joined Oshawott and founded Team Resolute. She met Oshawott while he was unconscious in the forest.


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