Misty is a fan made Pokémon movie.


Scene 1

may and ash sex

Scene 3

May sexs ash's willy

Scene 4

Scene 5

Ash snogs may and may takes her clothes of and jumps on ash

Scene 6

misty sees it all  and kills may

Scene 7

then misty took her clothes of sexed ash and ash starts to like may and snogs her buttux

Scene 8

Then they get married and on there wedding misty put her buttux in ash's willy opens her mouth and kiss ash on the lips [1][2]336 × 317 -[,r:24,s:0,i:162&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=179&tbnw=246&start=0&ndsp=31&tx=125&ty=67 400 × 323 - ][3]

Scene 9

Gary and the rest of the good peoples rush Dawn over to a Pokémon center, where Brock---what else?---flirts with the Nurse Joy. Max and May ask if Dawn's okay, and Nurse Joy says she's alive, but barely. Everyone but Gary (and Dawn, cuz she's dying) leaves, and Gary sings "I'll Stand by You".

Scene 10

Tracey and May meet up for a date at Lake Verity, and they ride on the backs of Gastrodon (Tracey: West Sea, May: East Sea) while surrounded by Luvdisc. At the end of the scene, they kiss. Ash sees the kiss, and becomes jealous. Iris sings "Someone Like You", though she isn't seen. See Trivia for more info.

Scene 11

Iris is training her Pokémon, when Cilan walks into the scene. He suddenly kisses her, causing more slapping. I will finish later, cuz I'm bored now.


  • Opening Song
  • Be Prepared
  • Girlfriend
  • Ti Moune
  • I'll Stand by You


  • Someone Like You is done in a music video format.
    • Ash sings part of this song.
  • Gakupo Kamui and KAITO can be heard in one song, coming up in a brandy-new Iris and Cilan scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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