2015 Season 1:

Ep 1:Kalos,Where Dreams & Adventures Begin

Ep 2:Meet Serena

Ep 3:Gumball's First Pokémon! Catching The Ducklett

Ep 4:Meta Knight is Back!

Ep 5:Battle of The Thin Ice! Pikachu vs Surskit

Ep 6:Chasing of the Rhino Race

Ep 7:Darwin's First Catch! To Catch a Litleo

Ep 8:King Dedede's Plan

Ep 9:Clemont's Got a Secret

Ep 10:a Rush of Ninja Wisdom

Ep 11:Ducklett vs King Dedede! Evolved into Swanna

Ep 12:A Conspiray To Conquer! Madame X's Plot

Ep 13:Gumball's Second Catch! To Catch a Helioptile

Ep 14:The Trees of Relationships! Gumball's Turtwig is Back

Ep 15:Batman Appears

Ep 16:Heroes - Friends & Fauxs Alike

Ep 17:Penny's True Self

Ep 18:The Bonds of Evolutions

Ep 19:Rhapsody in Blue

Ep 20:Grounder's Plan

Ep 21:Escaping from the Trap

Ep 22:birds of a Feather! Fletchinder vs Talonflame

Ep 23:Battle in the Cheateau!

Ep 24:Climb up the Rocks

Ep 25:Crime of being Framed! (April Fools' Day Special)

Ep 26:Bonds of Mega Charizard & Mega Blastoise! Ash vs Gary

Ep 27:Georgia is Back! Clemont in Love!

Ep 28:When the Sea is Like Home

Ep 29:From Shalour City! Gumball vs Korrina

Ep 30:Bonds of Mega Evolution Part 1

Ep 31:Bonds of Mega Evolution Part 2

Ep 32:Bonds of mega Evolution Part 3

Ep 33:Shalour City Gym Battle:Ash vs Korrina Part 1

Ep 34:Shalour City Gym Battle:Ash vs Korrina Part 2

Ep 35:Mother's Day! Nicole's Day

New Episodes Coming Soon in 2016 Season 6 & 7!