(カービィ (Kābī))
Name: Kirby
Japanese Name: カービィ (Kābī)
Hometown: Dream Land
Class: Kirby's species

Tiff (Love Interest) Tuff (Best Friend) Mario (Friend/Rival) Link (Rival/Friend) Pikachu (Loyal friend) Ash Serena Clemont Bonnie Meta Knight

First Appearance:

Kirby's Dreamland

Voice actor: Makiko Ohmoto
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Kirby has been featured in his own anime series, many manga publications in several countries, and even an educational video co-starring Mario.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Kirby is a legendary Star Warrior who was sent across the galaxy from an unknown location, meant to sleep in his space ship for a certain number of years before awakening to confront whatever evil there is. However, as Kirby's space ship nears Pop Star, it detects Demon Beasts of King Dedede bought from Nightmare Enterprises and warps towards it. This wakes Kirby 200 years too early, and since he does not yet know how to control his space ship, it crash lands on Pop Star, and Kirby is thrust into the midst of King Dedede and Escargoon's schemes and faces an impending invasion by Nightmare's army of monsters.

As mentioned previously, Masahiro Sakurai intended Kirby to be largely mute in the anime. In the Japanese version, Kirby usually only says "Poyo", although he sometimes says names and has a limited vocabulary. In The Meal Moocher, Kirby could say "kani" (crab). In "Shell-Shocked", Kirby could say "Nyūin" (hospitalized). In the English dub, Kirby could say "Name, Tiff", "Tuff", "Fololo and Falala", "Chilly", "Fofa", and "Dedede". Ohmoto's voice work for Kirby calling out the names of his attacks are removed in the dub.

Kirby is a Notable Fighter With Mario, Link, and Pikachu in the Super Smash Bros. Series. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl he was the Important Character in the Subspace Emissary, Along with Mario because He and Mario Got the most levels than all the characters in the game and his Final Smash is Cook Kirby and In Wii U/3DS is Ultra Sword Kirby.