Name: Jessica
Japanese Name: Jesica
Age: 16
  • Unova
Class: Trainer, Coordinater
  • None
First Appearance:

Jessica is the main character in Black and White: A New Beginning. Jessica is an aspiring new trainer from Unova. She hopes to become a Champion and a Contest Master.


Jessica was born and raised in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. She became a very smart girl after going to the Pokemon School in Snowpoint City. There, she met Candice and Zoey. After her 16th birthday, Jessica decided to start an adventure in Unova. Then, her mother decided to move their, while Jessica's younger brother, Jesse, stayed home. Jessica is a very social girl. She loves to make new friends. She decided that she would keep her friends close with her, no matter what. Jessica loves cute Pokemon. Her mother owns a Sunflora, which maintains her home's garden in Nuvema Town, Unova.

Currently, Jessica's sisters are traveling Unova. Her only known sister is Katie, the Nimbasa City Gym Leader.



Jessica has no Pokemon currently.

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