Izzy in Pokemon Stadium
Name: Izzy
Japanese Name: Unknown
Hometown: Canada
Region: Canada, Hoenn

Mother, Father, Brother, Grandfather, Uncle (names unknown), Mavis (great-grandmother, deceased)

Class: Trainer


  • Noah
  • Eva
  • Lindsay
  • Sierra
  • Iris
  • Ash
  • Cilan
First Appearance:


Izzy, labeled The Psycho Hose Beast, was a camper on Total Drama Island, originally placed on the Killer Bass before switching to the Screaming Gophers team in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. She was a cast member on Total Drama Action and was placed on the Killer Grips team. She also competed in Total Drama World Tour and was originally placed on Team Amazon before switching to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. She had a cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


On hand

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