Five years after the heroes of Hoenn destroyed Team Magma and Team Aqua's plots to control the legendary Pokemon (Groudon and Kyogre) and the teams and the heroes dispersed, another new team is born, ready to fix what Team Aqua and Team Magma did wrong. With the heroes unable to come back to Hoenn, a new hero must emerge.

This is the story of three heroes struggle against Team Cosmic. What secrets do each of these heroes have? What is the true intent of Team Cosmic? Will Rayquaza awaken once more to stop them?

Find out these answers by reading: Heroes of Hoenn: Primal Reversion.

The Characters

The Heroes

Rayne Shore - The Hero of the Water

Skye Nimbus - The Hero of the Sky

Terran Peak - The Hero of the Earth

Team Cosmic

Storm Nube - The Boss

Denali Darude - Groudon Squad Captain

Brooke Rio - Kyogre Squad Captain

The Story

Chapter One - The Meeting

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