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Nightsky (Hoothoot)


New Bark Town

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Gold is the main protagonist in The Mystery of the Three Legends. Gold, unlike other starting Pokemon trainers, does not aim to become a Pokemon Master and instead is hunting down the magical beast Entei.


Gold has not had an "ordinary" life. Gold, at the age of three, had his parents kidnapped by a legendary bird flying across the sky. Rumors later reported that this Pokemon was controlled by an evil organization known as Team Rocket.

Gold does not start out with Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totodile at Professor Elm's lair. Instead, he uses his personal Pokemon of choice, which is a Hoothoot, which he nicknames Nightsky. Gold obtained Nightsky at the age of five, while Nightsky was eating berries in his backyard. The two befriended, and the Hoothoot became Gold's first Pokemon. The Mystery of the Three Legends starts off with Gold trying to find out what happened to his parents and the mission of the evil organization...

In Chapter One, Gold is introduced as an orphan, living in an abandoned house in New Bark Town. He and Nightsky go to the Professor to gain knowledge on where his parents are, only to be ridiculed and ashamed. They eventually find their way to Cherrygrove City, where they find a Pokemon is terrorizing the town. They discover it is a Zubat, and discover that there is an attack on the town.

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