Gerard is the main character in Dreams Made Into Reality. He is very energetic and nice, but can be a skeptic at times. He isn't very trusting, and is hearing impaired. That's why his first pokemon is Audino, the "hearing" pokemon.
Name: Gerard
Japanese Name: N/A
Age: 13
Hometown: Nuvema Town
  • Unova
  • Mother, Father, Sister
Class: Trainer
  • Jack, Robert


  • Level 9 Oshawott; Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun (Variah)
  • Level 8 Dwebble; Fury Cutter, Rock Blast, Withdraw (Haryn)
  • Level 13 Snivy; Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip, Wrap (Cress)

Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, it is revealed that Gerard is hearing impaired in his right ear, and has an Audino to help him conquer his hearing problems. During class, he drifts off, and Audino has to wake him up so he doesn't miss getting a starter pokemon. Professor Juniper explains why the class is lining up to him, and he immediately joined. Soon, he is in the lab, and is third in line, behind Jack and Joey. He begins to taunt Joey, and Joey taunts him. When Gerard reaches for his pokemon, Joey stops him and challenges him to a battle. Gerard complies, and uses Audino as his pokemon. Audino is hit, but soon punches Snivy, and knocks him out. Joey then swears that he will make Gerard "pay", but Gerard isn't scared. He then befriends Jack, and the two hang out at Gerard's house, until Jack has to leave.

Chapter 2

Gerard wakes up and wishes his mother goodbye, and then leaves to meet Jack on Route 1. He sees Joey is there, and is disappointed, but continues to adventure with the two. He has no reaction to Jack catching Lillipup, as opposed to Joey's mockery. When he is forced to look for Joey, he shows that he could care less, and tries to get out of helping. In the end, he helps Jack look for Joey. When they meet up with N, Gerard has immediate distrust, and tries to convince Jack that N is no good. Finally, he listens to Jack, and they end up getting cornered in the ally. When Jack beats N in a battle, Gerard rushes himself and Jack out of there to the next Route.

Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, Gerard beats two trainers, which makes his Audino level up. When he gets into Striaton City, he goes to the Pokemon Center with Jack and heals his pokemon. While he's there, Robert gives him a pokeball, which is supposed to contain an Oshawott. When Robert leaves, Gerard finds out that a Dwebble is really in the pokeball, so he rushes to find Robert, who then gives him an Oshawott. Robert tells him he can keep the Dwebble because he doesn't really want it. Gerard thanks him, and then walks to the gym with Jack.