Name: Genesis
Japanese Name: Jennis
Age: 18
Hometown: Castelia City
  • Unova
  • Mother and Father
Class: Elite Four
  • None
First Appearance:

Genesis is an Elite Four member in Black and White: A New Beginning. Genesis. is the first Elite Four member in Unova.


Genesis is a very popular girl. Her father used to be the first Elite Four member and her mother used to be a famous chef in Castelia City. While there, Genesis became very popular for having an Elite Four member as a father. Later on, as the new Elite Four members were being chosen by their strength levels, Genesis challenged her father to a battle. In the end, Genesis' father won, but all the other old members were impressed and chose Genesis to be the first Elite Four member, taking her father's spot. Genesis loves Ghost-type Pokemon and uses a Chandelure as one of her main Pokemon, and it uses its Flamethrower and Confuse Ray as its main moves.



Genesis has:

  • Chandelure, Level Unknown; Attacks: Flamethrower, Confuse Ray

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