Red and yellow
A young man with fire red eyes and jet black hair was headed for

Viridian City. His name was Red, the 9th

Pokemon Champion of the Indigo League. But why was he headed to Viridian? He was headed there for a

reunion of the pokedex holders from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, but he was also headed there to see his best

friend, Yellow. He never admitted it to her, but he had feelings for her. His Pokegear started ringing, he pulled it

out of his pocket and looked at who called him: it was Green.

"Hello," Red said.

"Hi Red, it's Green," Green said.

"I knew that Green! How's everything going?"

"Everything is good! Blue is already here."

"What about Yellow? Is she there?"

"No, Your girlfriend isn't here yet. Where are you?"

"Okay, Yellow is not my girlfriend, and I'm in the terminal at Route 1, so I'll be there soon."

"Okay, see you soon?"

"Yeah, bye!"

"Bye!" CLICK! Red put his pokegear into his pocket.

Why does Blue think that Yellow is my girlfriend Red thought to himself as he left the terminal to reach route 2.

When he finally reached Viridian City, he noticed a certian blonde-haired girl was heading towards the

pokemon gym.

"Yellow," Red exclaimed. The girl turned around to see Red.

"Red, It's been so long!," Yellow exclaimed, running to give Red a friendly embrace only to remeber she was holding Chuchu, her Pikachu,but Red hugged Yellow.

"How is everything," Red asked.

"Everything is great," Yellow replied ",but it's good to see you!"

"We can catch up later," Red said We don't want to keep the others waiting, do we?"

"I don't think they'll mind waiting," Yellow replied, pushing herself closer to Red.

Kiss her, a voice in the back of Red's mind said, How could I do that, she's my best friend! Red put his arm around Yellow and both of them walked to into the Viridian City Pokemon Gym.