(シトロン Shitoron)
Bonnie XY series
Name: Bonnie
Japanese Name: シトロン Shitoron
Hometown: TBA
Region: Kalos

Clemont (brother)

Class: Trainer

Max (Love interest)
Meta Knight

First Appearance:


Voice actor: TBA

Bonnie is the sister of Clemont in the anime and one of Ash's major traveling companions in Kalos. He crush to Max.


Bonnie is Clemont's little sister. She travels with him and supports him in his battles. She is younger than the age of 10. She also likes to search for the perfect girlfriend for Clemont and look at Pokémon she thinks are cute like Dedenne.


She is a young, adorable and very pretty little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a brown sleevless top with a black bow on it and she wears knee length black tights covered by a white skirt under it she also wears pink shoes and a yellow purse.


She has a great love for Pokémon. She has strong ambitions and goals of being a Pokémon trainer, despite not being of age to be a trainer yet.


Taking Care Of

Pokémon Information
Bonnie with the Dedenne
Clemont caught a Dedenne upon Bonnie's request to take care of since she is too young to be a Trainer.


  • Bonnie is a reference to Max, as she is a younger sibling. Like Max, Bonnie shares the following:
    • She does her best to help out her older sibling, like Max does with May.
    • She is related to a Gym Leader, that being Clemont, like Max is to Norman, the Gym Leader of the Petalburg City. 
  • She is Ash's first female companion that is not an actual Pokémon Trainer.
  • She is also Ash's first female companion to be younger than the age of 10.
  • Unlike Max, she is the first younger sibling traveling with Ash that is based off a game counterpart. Also, she has a Pokémon, despite not being of age to have one yet.
  • Dedenne is the second Electric type Pokemon to shock Bonnie. The first was Ash's Pikachu.
  • As shown in XY005, she has a similarity to Brock. She proposes to a girl who is at least the same age as Clemont to be his wife, but is dragged away by him. Brock often proposes to a older woman he meets, but often gets dragged away by Misty, Max, and his Croagunk.


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